CrossFit’s double rope skipping technique is suitable for all exercises

2021-12-14 23:43:33 By : Mr. Tongbin Xu

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This CrossFit skipping staple is perfect for people who want to burn calories and improve their fitness skills.

This is your quick training technique that gives you the opportunity to learn how to work smarter in a few minutes so that you can start exercising right away.

No matter what you think of CrossFit, there is no denying its influence on today's fitness culture. CrossFit popularized training methods such as AMRAP and EMOM, created buzzwords such as WOD and box, and introduced to the world epic fitness challenges such as Murph. But one of the most important influences may be something you can't even think about: CrossFit helps elevate skipping rope from a school pastime or a training tool for boxers to a global fitness trend.

The last point is no small matter. If you have skipped rope for more than 30 seconds, you will feel its muscle burning, endurance building, fat burning ability-and there is no lack of research to support this experience. In fact, research shows that 10 minutes of skipping rope burns as many calories as 30 minutes of running. But there is another reason the world is addicted to rope skipping: when you are good at it, you look terrible—especially if you have mastered CrossFit’s iconic skipping skill, double down.

As the name suggests, double down (also known as "dub" or "DU" for short) involves swinging the rope under the feet twice instead of once per jump-and because doing so requires faster swings or higher jumps (or both) Both), the potential benefits of skills doubled.

There is not much data on how many calories you will burn during dubbing and dubbing (ie, a single shot). Since you have to put more effort into dubbing, it is safe to say that your metabolism must also be shifted to a higher gear. Equally important, you will develop the skills required to perform difficult actions, including speed, explosiveness, endurance, and coordination.

Your action: Make skipping a part of your weekly training plan. Rope skipping is very effective as a terminator, but don’t hesitate to make it the focus of your exercise. Starting from diving, as skills improve, combining voice-over and other rope skipping skills, such as crossing and jogging.

You'd better use a speed rope, especially for more difficult skills. These tools replace traditional ropes with thin vinyl ropes or steel wire ropes. They are usually equipped with ball bearings in their handles to make each swing more smooth and fast. Check out these ropes in your next rope skipping lesson.

But no matter what type of speed rope you use, technology is everything. Use this three-step guide to perfect your double click, and check the video above for more tips.