Two more initiatives to meet the needs of more automotive technicians | Automated Remarketing

2021-12-14 23:20:08 By : Ms. beta lee

This week, NVI Institute Blairsville, NAPA Auto Parts, and Universal Technical Institute all announced their latest efforts to help auctions, dealers, and other vehicle repair operations that desperately need trained technicians.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national demand for skilled technicians remains strong. It is estimated that by 2030, there will be approximately 110,000 new job vacancies for automotive, diesel, and crash repair technicians nationwide each year, including net employment changes and net substitutions.

In response, the NVI Institute Blairsville is launching the so-called "Innovation and Acceleration" program for automotive and diesel technology to get technicians to work faster and to solve the serious shortage of skilled workers.

NVI Blairsville’s first six-month course for aspiring automotive and diesel technicians will begin on January 3.

NVI says that by focusing on the basic skills that employers seek, it can reduce student expenses and the time it takes to start work.

“A student in the NVI program will complete a diesel or automotive technology course within six months and be ready to start work,” said Adam Duplin, a diesel program coordinator at the training location in southwestern Pennsylvania. "In the process of developing the school, we worked with the employer team and they told us exactly what they were looking for in the plan."

As mentioned earlier, there is a high demand for automotive and diesel technicians. At the same time, NVI pointed out that the salaries of technicians now match or exceed the salaries of some four-year college graduates.

The goal of NVI is to help employers solve the shortage of skilled workers, while helping students position themselves as high-paying jobs in the long-term careers of major auto, truck, and heavy equipment suppliers and dealers.

Jack Fetsko, NVI Automotive Project Coordinator, said at the press conference: “You can graduate from high school, graduate from high school in June, start here in July, finish in December, and work in the field in January.” “Now every maintenance Or manufacturing plants are looking for technicians. You can live a good life on it."

NVI purchased the former WyoTech Blairsville campus which is now remodeled and updated. The company said it hired “proven and industry-experienced lecturers who are very familiar with the iconic industry that NVI graduates will serve.”

NVI insists that its teachers go far beyond core education and also teach "soft" skills to help people play a good role in the workplace, family, and community.

"For example, our lecturers have the ability to provide students with the necessary soft skills to deal with employers or angry customers, and how to prepare resumes," Du Plin said.

NVI is actively looking for students who are attending high school, are considering changing careers, are not interested in traditional university education, or have completed military service.

In other training news, Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and NAPA Auto Parts (NAPA) stated that they have joined forces to support the future of those seeking careers in the transportation and aftermarket automotive repair industries.

NAPA has become the preferred UTI auto parts supplier, including the NAPA Autotech training program available to teachers.

NAPA stated in a press release that it will provide necessary parts for the hands-on laboratory, including brake kits, rotors, light bulbs, bearing kits, wheel weights, etc. The initial stage of the cooperation will affect campuses under the UTI, MMI and NTI brands, and may expand to MIAT brand campuses in the future.

Through this partnership, UTI and NAPA aim to help meet this need by providing supplies needed for campus training and connecting with NAPA customers.

UTI CEO Jerome Grant said in the press release: “We are very happy to introduce partners like NAPA Auto Parts to provide more to our students, faculty, staff and alumni through one of the country’s major suppliers. Access to high-quality auto parts."

“Like UTI, NAPA is passionate about educating and supporting individuals’ career paths into the transportation industry,” Grant continued. "NAPA has been working closely with UTI for many years, and we know they will become active and active partners."

NAPA President Kevin Herron added: "We appreciate UTI's commitment to providing the most advanced industry training for the next generation of skilled automotive technicians.

"We are proud to support the industry by providing training and supplying quality auto parts to talented UTI employees, students and graduates," Herron continued.