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2021-12-14 23:19:41 By : Ms. Sophie Sun

ProMaxx has introduced a new tool that provides technicians with greater traction when removing stubborn wheel bearings.

The Tommy rail reinforcement is an accessory for Tommy wheel bearing pullers. It is designed to handle more power, and enhanced functions help to realize its potential.

The tool is made of sturdy hard-coated aluminum. It is connected to the outside of the push-down flange to form a strong structural link, just like a four-bar linkage in a car.

Jeff Del Rossa, President and Founder of ProMaxx Tool said: “The four-bar linkage was developed to handle increased rear-wheel horsepower in street and track applications.” “For the same reason, we just applied this technology to Tommy-to provide more motivation.

Tommy can remove the wheel bearing hub without damaging the CV or steering knuckle, and without costly calibration.

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