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2021-12-14 23:44:52 By : Ms. Tina Yu

Fairfax, Virginia - A week after the shocking UCLA upset, the UC Irvine women's football team was unable to extend the playoff schedule.

On Friday, in the second round of the NCAA Championship at George Mason Stadium, the Anteaters (16-6) lost to Wisconsin 3-0.

Senior midfielder Natalie Viggiano (Natalie Viggiano) started scoring on a cold and windy day, and the game was marked by physical confrontation. The foul set a free kick near the top of the penalty area and a pair of Badgers (10-5-6) disguised a set kick and then exposed Viggiano, who shot the ball into the upper right corner in the 22nd minute.

Less than five minutes later, Viggiano scored the second goal for the Badgers, sprinted to the finish line, then fired to the right side of the penalty area, redirected the ball to the frame, and took a 2-0 lead.

"We just didn't get into our rhythm," said UCI head coach Scott Juniper. "Part of the reason is that our team is not performing well, not as strong as in the past few weeks, and facing a very strong Wisconsin team, which puts us under tremendous pressure everywhere."

UCI's best chance to return to the game came in the 59th minute. Chloe Ragon led the offense through the center and sent Scarlett Camberos (Scarlett Camberos) out of the wing, moving closer to the goal. Her first shot was knocked back by goalkeeper Jordyn Bloomer. The rebound fell to Camberos, but was also knocked back.

Wisconsin basically made the game out of reach halfway through the second half. In the 72nd minute, the senior midfielder Maia Cella (Maia Cella) went to the left of the penalty area, dragged the pass into the penalty area, passed the ball through multiple bodies, and then found an open Izweil at the far post. Izzy Verdugo, the junior defender pushed the ball away. A defender and past diving UCI goalkeeper Glo Hinojosa led 3-0.

Cambellos ended the game with a game-high four shots and three field goal percentages, but Wisconsin defeated UCI 14-7. On Friday, Hinojosa made seven of his career best saves and made six saves against the undefeated UCLA before the game. Wisconsin's first goal ended Hinojosa and UCI's consecutive on-base at 544 minutes and 57 seconds (five consecutive goals without conceding).

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Bloomer made four saves for Wisconsin. After the Broncos defeated No. 4 seed Georgetown 2-1 in overtime, Wisconsin will face Santa Clara on Sunday (13-5-2) . The game will be held in Georgetown.

"When you beat a team like UCLA, the next team you face will do anything but not take it lightly," Juniper said. "This team has written its own chapter in the history of women's football at the University of California, Irvine.

"We have some players who have played as individuals for several seasons. They came together as a team and learned to play together. This is the balance they find between the difficulty of their want to participate in the game and the joy of remembering to do so. This It’s a group that can find balance better than any other group.” Newsroom Guide News Tips Contact us to report an error

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