Manufacturers Selling Wheel Hub Bearings Automobile Bearing Models Are Complete 51720-2j001

Welcome to choose KORTON INDUSTRIAL LIMITEDNO 1. our adwantages1. Many years bearing products manufacturing and exporting experiences.2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided.4. To respect customers, you can choose the loading port.

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NO 1. our adwantages

1. Many years bearing products manufacturing and exporting experiences.

2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.

3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided.

4. To respect customers, you can choose the loading port.

5. A certain number of free sample can be provide to support our customer's after-sale services and warranty.


NO 2. Description: Inch Tapered Roller bearing

1. Inch Taper roller bearing mainly bear radial primarily diameter, the axial load. Bearing capacity depends on the Angle of the outer ring raceway, the greater the Angle, the greater the carrying capacity.


2. Inch Taper roller bearing type belongs to the separation bearing, , according to the bearing the number of columns of the scroll body can be divided into single row, double row and four row circular cone roller bearings.

3. Single row inch taper roller bearing clearance to users in the installation adjustment; Double row and four row circular cone roller bearings clearance has according to user requirements for a given when the products leave the factory, not the user.

4.Tapered roller bearing are widely used in car: front-wheel, rear wheel, transmission, differential pinion shaft. Machine tool spindles, construction machinery, largescale agricultural machinery, railway vehicles, gear reduction, the rolling mill roll neck and deceleration devices

5. Equipment, instrument, building machinery, rolling stock agricultural machinery and various specialized machineries.


 NO 3. OEM all brand bearing
1. deep groove ball bearing 6000,6200,6300,6400,61800,61900,Z,RS,ZZ,2RS

2. spherical roller bearing 22200,22300,23000,24000,23100,24100,CA,CC,E,W33

3. cylindrical roller bearing N,NU,NJ,NN,NUP,E,ECP,ECM,ECJ

4. taper roller bearing 30200,30300,32200,32300,31300,32000

5. Aligning ball bearing 1200,1300,2200,2300,

6. needle roller bearing NA,NAV,NK,NKI,RNA,NK,RNAV,ZKLF,ZKLN,ZARF,ZARN

7. thrust ball bearing 51100,51200,51300,51400,E,M

8. angular contact ball bearing7000,7100,7200,7300,AC,BECBM,C 

9. spherical plain bearing GE,GEG,GEEW,U,UC,UG,GX,GAC,SA,SABP
10.Wheel hub bearing /ceramic bearing/plastic bearing/lazy susan bearing


 NO 4. Tapered Roller Bearing Specification: 


Seals TypesOPEN
Vibration LevelZ1V1,Z2V2,Z3V3
Tolerance CodesABEC-1,ABEC-3,ABEC-5
MOQ1Set at least
Delivery Time15-45 days after contract
PavkageTube package+outer carton+pallets;Single box+outer carton+pallets;Tube pavkge+middle box+outer carton+pallets;According to your requirement

NO 5. Automotive Wheel Bearing Contents: 

  WeightRelative  No. Automotive type
1DAC124000183 ZZ0.10    (C-00187)     
2DAC20420030/29 2RS0.17565592 J22539816        
3DAC2050002060.18     320104   Fiat Seat POLEEA
5DAC2552002060.20617546A      IR-8032  
6DAC255200206/23 2RS0.21VBF 256705         
7DAC25520037 2RS0.31445539A576467  FC 40570 S04  IR-2220 Fiat Renault
8DAC25520037ZZ0.31    FC12025    Peugeot
9DAC25520042 2RS0.34  DAC2552W-9 2RSAU0501 25BWD01    
10DAC25520042 RZ0.34A17080410 DAC2552W-4CS25AU0503      
11DAC25520043 2RS0.35  DAC2552BW-1 FC 12180S04  IR-2221 Peugeot Renault
12DAC25550043 2RS0.38BAH 0059   FC12271  IR-2222 Renault
13DAC25550045 2RS0.40  DAC25553 FC 40858 S03     
14DAC255600206/29 2RS0.29633272 633280   (C0517)     
15DAC25560032 ZZ0.33BAH5000445979     IR-8520  
16DAC256200206 ZZ0.30          
18DAC254650024/17    AU1563      
19DAC25720043 2RS0.70          
20DAC27520045 2RS0.36        43200-50Y00 
22DAC27530043 RZ0.36          
23DAC27600050 2RS0.56  DAC01WD07DE0565  513071IR-865343210-61A01Nissan
24DAC27600050 ZZ0.56     27BWD01J    
25DAC28580042 2RS0.40  DAC28582RK  28BWD03A513055   
27DAC286100420.53 28006DAC286142AW  28BWD01A IR-854990369-28006Toyota
28DAC28610042 2RS0.53  DU2806ADDXA       
  WeightRelative  No. 
29DAC29530037 ZZ0.34BAH-1026B801023AA      
31DAC30500020 2RS0.20   DE0678CS1    
32DAC305400240.23ZWBE-029  8    
33DAC30550030/250.27ATVBB-2   (S9572)   
34DAC30550032 ZZ0.27  DAC3055WCS31     
35DAC30580042 2RS0.40    30BWD  3104020
36DAC30600037 2RS0.41  DAC3060372RS DU3009ADDXVBF256906  
37DAC30600337 2RS0.41633313C 636164A529891ABDAC3060W GB10790S04 B-81 513116 
38633667AE 616890545312   
40DAC30620032 2RS0.41NACHI/30BVV06       
41DAC30620038 ZZ0.42  DAC30620038A  30BWD10  
43DAC306300420.55  DAC3063W-1  30BWD01A513022 
44DAC30630042 2RS0.55  DU3018ADDXA     
45DAC30640042 RZ0.49  DAC3064WRKBDE0776CS4    
46DAC30640037 ZZ0.44        
47DAC30650021 2RS0.32BA2B 630374/C4522372A    511020 
48DAC306500264 2RS0.36     320406  
49DAC30680045 ZRS0.52   DE0690 30BWD04 40210-TIL00
50DCA3072003020.31     3306  
51DAC30720037 4RS0.80BAHB636035       
52DAC327200450.64     32BWD0551315090363-32003
53DAC34620037 2RS0.41309724561447      
55DAC34640037 4RS0.43309726DA532066DEDAC3464G12RS  34BWD04BVB-358-94152-213
56DAC34640037 ZZ0.43BAH0092 BAH 0116 DU3409ADDXH GB1088434BWD11 94535247

NO 6. Our Bearing Factory:
Manufacturers Selling Wheel Hub Bearings Automobile Bearing Models Are Complete 51720-2j001

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Manufacturers Selling Wheel Hub Bearings Automobile Bearing Models Are Complete 51720-2j001

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Manufacturers Selling Wheel Hub Bearings Automobile Bearing Models Are Complete 51720-2j001
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Manufacturers Selling Wheel Hub Bearings Automobile Bearing Models Are Complete 51720-2j001

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