Spherical Roller Bearing Snh522 Housing Rolling Bearing Price

Welcome to choose KORTON INDUSTRIAL LIMITED. NO 1. our adwantages:1. 14 years bearing products manufacturing and 4 years exporting experiences.2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.3. Our main bearing pr

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NO 1. our adwantages:
1. 14 years bearing products manufacturing and 4 years exporting experiences.
2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.
3. Our main bearing products include Deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical rollerbearings, spherical ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, single row angular contact bearings, double row angular contact bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, spherical plain bearings, spherical bearings, automotive bearings pump bearings, and many nonstandard bearings are also in our product range.
4. Sample available
NO 2. Description: Ball bearing
Race: we use the most advanced technology-cold extrusion process. Besides, the race will make two or three times temper to guarantee its high precision.
Rolling element: we use the rolling technology to process the roller and the steel ball of high precision bearing, the most advantage of our technology is to promote productive and productive efficiency. At the same time, our technology can prolong the bearing working life. The hardness and the diamention stability will also promote.
Steel cage: in order to avoid avoid cracks and guarantee the hardness, we use pattern "high temperature+long time", our cage of high precision bearing have reached advanced level in china at surface abrasion resistance and fatigue strength.
NO 3. Types of spherical roller bearing
SNH 505201205KH2055/52
SNH 506251206KH2068/62
  22206 KH3066/62
SNH 605201305KH3057.5/62
SNH 507301207KH2078.5/72
SNH 606251306KH3067.5/72
SNH 508351208KH20810.5/80
SNH 607301307KH3079/80
SNH 509401209KH2095.5/85
SNH 510451210KH21010.5/90
SNH 608351308KH3079/90
SNH 511501211KH21111.5/100
SNH 609401309 KH3099.5/100
SNL blockshaft(mm)bearingsA(mm)L(mm)H(mm)Weight(kgs)SealEnd Cover
SNL 313411522326 K23051033369,5TS 34/115ETS 34
SNL 313612522328 K24053035377,5TS 36/125ETS 36
SNL 313813522330 K26056037597,5TS 38/135ETS 38
SNL 303814022232 K24053035377,5TS 38/140ETS 38
SNL 314014022332 K280610411123TS 40/140ETS 40
SNL 304015022234 K26056037597,5TS 40/150ETS 40
SNL 304815022334 K290640434139TS 48/150ETS 48
SNL 313415023134 K23051033369,5TS 34ETS 34
SNL 323415023234 K26056037597,5TS 40/150ETS 40
SNL 3048150,81322334 K290640434139TS 48/5.15/16ETS 48
SNL 3134150,81323134 K23051033369,5TS 34/5.15/16ETS 34
SNL 3234150,81323234 K26056037597,5TS 40/5.15/16ETS 40
SNL 313816022236 K26056037597,5TS 38/160ETS 38
SNL 303616023036 K23051033369,5TS 36ETS 36
SNL 313616023136 K24053035377,5TS 36ETS 36
SNL 323616023236 K26056037597,5TS 38/160ETS 38
SNL 3138163,51222236 K26056037597,5TS 38/6.7/16ETS 38
SNL 3036163,51223036 K23051033369,5TS 36/6.7/16ETS 36
SNL 3136163,51223136 K24053035377,5TS 36/6.7/16ETS 36
SNL 3236163,51223236 K26056037597,5TS 38/6.7/16ETS 38
SNL 314017022238 K280610411123TS 40/170ETS 40
SNL 314817022338 K310700474187TS 48/170ETS 48
SNL 303817023038 K24053035377,5TS 38ETS 38
SNL 313817023138 K26056037597,5TS 38ETS 38
SNL 323817023238 K280610411123TS 40/170ETS 40
SNL 3140176,21322238 K280610411123TS 40/6.15/16ETS 40
SNL 3148176,21322338 K310700474187TS 48/6.15/16ETS 48
SNL 3038176,21323038 K24053035377,5TS 38/6.15/16ETS 38
SNL 3138176,21323138 K26056037597,5TS 38/6.15/16ETS 38
SNL 3238176,21323238 K280610411123TS 40/6.15/16ETS 40
SNL 304818022240 K290640434139TS 48/180ETS 48
SNL 305618022340 K320770516221TS 56/180ETS 56
SNL 304018023040 K26056037597,5TS 40ETS 40
SNL 314018023140 K280610411123TS 40ETS 40
SN205 SN206 SN207 SN208 SN209 SN210 SN211 SN212 SN213 SN214SN215 SN216 SN217 SN218 SN219 SN220 SN222 SN224 SN226 SN228 SN230 SN232

SN505 SN506 SN507 SN508 SN509 SN510 SN511 SN512 SN513 SN514 SN515 SN516 SN517SN518 SN519 SN520 SN522 SN224 SN526 SN528 SN530 SN532

SNU506 SNU507 SNU508 SNU509 SNU510 SNU511 SNU512 SNU513 SNU514 SNU515 SNU516SNU517 SNU518 SNU519 SN5U20 SNU522 SNU524 SNU526 SNU528 SNU530 SNU532

SNH505 SNH506 SNH507 SNH508 SNH509 SNH510 SNH511 SNH512 SNH513 SNH514 SNH515SNH516 SNH517 SNH518 SNH519 SNH520 SNH522 SNH524 SNH526 SNH528 SNH530 SNH532

SN605 SN606 SN507 SN608 SN609 SN610 SN611 SN612 SN613 SN614 SN615 SN616 SN617SN618 SN619 SN620 SN622 SN624 SN626 SN628 SN630 SN632

SN305 SN306 SN307 SN308 SN309 SN310 SN311 SN312 SN313 SN314 SN315 SN316 SN317SN318 SN319 SN320 SN322 SN324 SN326 SN328 SN330 SN332

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1,Jinan TIANYUAN bearing company has 14 years manufacture experience and is one of the biggest adjustment center in north of China. 
2,We have large stock of original brand and our own brand bearing. Sample is available. 
3,We can accept OEM service.

Jinan Tianyuan Bearing Co., Ltd. Was founded in March 2008. We were principally engaged in the research, development and manufacture of bearings in the early stage. Now we are mainly engaged in the sales of internationally-famous brand bearings. Our products are sold in Britain, America, Japan, Italy and Southeast Asia, well appreciated by their purchasers. 

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