Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing For Jaw Crushers                                                          Application          Continuous

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Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing For Jaw Crushers
Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

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A spherical roller bearing is a rolling-element bearing that permits rotation with low friction, and permits angular misalignment.
Typically these bearings support a rotating shaft in the [bore] of the inner ring that may be misaligned in respect to the outer ring. 
The misalignment is possible due to the spherical internal shape of the outer ring and spherical rollers.

Despite what their name may imply,Spherical roller bearings are not truly spherical in shape. The rolling elements of spherical
roller bearings are mainly cylindrical in shape,But have a profile that makes them appear like cylinders that have been slightly

Spherical roller bearing used in countless industrial applications, where there are heavy loads, moderate speedsand possibly

Bearing Steel Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing

Product NameSpherical Roller Bearing
Precision RatingP6, P0, P5, P4, P2
MaterialBearing Steel  (GCr15)
ClearanceC0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
Vibration & NoisyZ1,Z2,Z3 V1,V2,V3
CageBrass, Nylon, Steel
SealZZ, 2RS
FeaturesHigh Precision, High Speed, Long Life, High Reliability, Low Noise , Reduce Friction
CertificationISO 9001:2008
Packing1.Neutral Packing Bearing  2.Industrial Packing  3.Commercial Packing Bearing  4.Customize
Delivery Time30 - 45 Days After The Order is Confirmed
Shippment1.By Sea  2.By Air  3.By Express

Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

ModelBoundary Dimensions (mm)Basic Load Rating (KN)Mass
2230822308 K22308 W3340903373.590.51.0
2230922309 K22309 W334510036108.0140.01.4
2231022310 K22310 W335011040128.0170.01.9
2231122311 K22311 W335512043155.0198.02.4
2231222312 K22312 W336013046168.0225.03.0
2231322313 K22313 W336514048188.0252.03.6
2231422314 K22314 W337015051230.0315.04.4
2231522315 K22315 W337516055262.0388.05.4
2231622316 K22316 W338017058288.0405.06.4
2231722317 K22317 W338518060308.0440.07.4
2231822318 K22318 W339019064365.0542.08.8
2231922319 K22319 W339520067385.0570.010.3
2232022320 K22320 W3310021573450.0668.013.0
2232222322 K22322 W3311024080545.0832.018.1
2232422324 K22324 W3312026086645.0992.022.0
2232622326 K22326 W3313028093722.01140.029.0
2232822328 K22328 W33140300102825.01340.036.0
2233022330 K22330 W331503201081270.01750.043.7
2233222332 K22332 W331603401141350.01860.051.9
2233422334 K22334 W331703601201110.01760.061.1
2233622336 K22336 W331803801261640.02290.071.4
2233822338 K22338 W331904001321810.02540.082.7
2234022340 K22340 W332004201381990.02800.095.2
2234422344 K22344 W332204601452290.03250.0121.0
2234822348 K22348 W332405001551780.03340.0151.0
2235222352 K22352 W332605401652260.04310.0185.0
2235622356 K22356 W332805801752490.04780.0233.0

Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

 About Us

HENGLI Machinery Company is a well-established Chinese bearing supplier. We design, manufacture and wholesale bearings.
Our specialized manufacturer of Spherical Roller Bearing Cylindrical Roller Bearing, LUAN Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd was
established in 1970 and is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Machine Building.

We invested in two additional specialized bearing factories, which allow us to provide our clients with top of the line products such as 
Needle Roller Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Rod Ends Bearings, Ball Joint Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings,
Hub Bearings 
Non-Standard Bearings.

Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers
Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

Auto Parts Bearing 22338 Spherical Roller Bearing for Jaw Crushers

Q1 - What is our advantages?

     A    - Manufacturer - Do it only with the Best;

            -Your Choice make different. 

Q2 - Our Products

 A   - Spherical Roller Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Needle Roller Bearing, Cam Followers, Thrust Bearing

      - Spherical Plain Bearing, Rod End, Ball Joint, Wheel Hub, Tapered Roller Bearing

Q3 - Process of our production

 A - Heat Treatment - Grinding - Parts Inspection - Assembly - Final Inspection - Packing

Q4 - How to customize bearing(non-standard) from your company?

 A -We offer OEM,Customized(Non-standard) service and you need to provide drawing and detailed Technical Data.

Q5 -   What should I care before installation?

 A   - Normally, the preservative with which new bearings are coated before leaving the factory does not need to be

        removed; it is only necessary to wipe off the outside cylin­drical surface and bore, if the grease is not compatible

        with the preservative, it is necessary to wash and carefully dry the bearing.

      -Bearings should be installed in a dry, dust-free room away from metal working or other machines producing

        swarf and dust.

Q6 - How to stock and maintenance my bearings right? 

 A   - Do not store bearings directly on concrete floors, where water can condense and collect on the bearing;

      -Store the bearings on a pallet or shelf, in an area where the bearings will not be subjected to high humidity

       or sudden and severe temperature changes that may result in condensation forming;

      -Always put oiled paper or, if not available, plastic sheets between rollers and cup races of tapered roller bearings.

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