Poste will pay 65,000 euros to buy 5 million lire interest-bearing

2021-12-14 23:38:44 By : Mr. Harry Tung

Depositors who decided to collect investments with good results dating back to 1989. This is the judgment of the Torino Civil Court, which sentenced Poste Italiane to pay the holder 26 times the original value of the old voucher of 5 million. The postal concessionaire has stated that he is willing to pay up to 28,000 euros.

But the judge agreed with the applicant. This is not the first time that the Voice of Euro, centered on the post office's interest-bearing bonds, has ended in court. As reported by Repubblica, therefore, for all depositors who find themselves having to fight the post office, they are entitled to the return they deserve because of certain series of postal savings bonds issued after 1986. Not a trivial judgment. .

At that time, the "Q" series of investment products had come out, and the rate of return was much lower than in the past, but Poste often continued to use the "P" module of the previous series, and only put the stamps above the old rate of return, indicating that they will produce over time How many. However, the instructions given for new taxis only refer to the earnings of the first two decades. For this reason, when the bondholder is cashing out, usually at the maturity of 30 years, he believes that he can count the P series interest rates of the past ten years, which are 9 – 11 – 13 and 15%, respectively, as opposed to 8 – 9 – 10.5 and 12% of the Q series.

On the contrary, Poste always strives to pay only the lowest fees. In 2020 alone, 3,000 savers appealed to bank arbitrators, demanding recognition of higher amounts. They all have laws on their side. However, since the spring of 2020, Poste Italiane has decided to continue to pay only low interest rates instead of higher amounts because they believe that some courts have also made judgments in their favor. Therefore, those who do not want to accept Poste’s choice have only one possibility: initiate judicial proceedings and appeal to ordinary judges in civil proceedings.

Even in the last case, the judgment favored savers assisted by lawyer Fabio Scarmozzino, who assisted many consumers who wanted to take legal action. In fact, the Turin court sentenced Poste to pay 37,000 euros more than the 28,000 euros initially promised to savers. The company believed that this figure was correct for the 1989 coupon, and then paid the 5 million lire in the woman's hand, which would eventually make her pocket earn 65,000 euros. The lawyer commented: “It is important that all depositors who hold O, P, and QP series bonds, have not yet taken action, or have held a favorable decision by the bank arbitrator, take action to protect their rights.”

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